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3D Modeling Services

The Location Lab is a firm that excels in virtual 3D visualization of structures...

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Design Visualization

Our World is contantly changing. To be able to bloom over the years to come...

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Virtually Vertified Montages

At The Location Lab, we are ready to take care of your urban design and modeling needs...

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3D Modeling Services

The highly skilled and trained teams of designers and 3D modelers at The Location Lab work with admirable precision to develop your plan’s 3D architectural visualization in a high quality virtual setting. To perform this sophisticated exercise, our modelers utilize the tools of 3DStudioMax, the most trusted and reliable software platform known to the 3D modeling industry, also taking assistance from other modeling platforms where required.



To our clients, the biggest advantage that comes out of acquiring our 3D modeling services for architectural visualization is the ability to witness on a screen exactly how the project would look like once it is done without actually constructing it on the site. This saves you huge sums of money, not to mention other precious resources.


The real-time 3D reconstruction rendered over our engine allows you to access project plans at any point in the map, with complete control over the perspective, allowing you to go through any and every spot on your project map using any camera angle you want to. This complete freedom of analyzing your project plans with real-time perspective of objects is impossible in any other virtual modeling services money can buy – least of all, in animations that won’t give you access to your perspective of choice and leave the job half done.


With our 3D modeling services, you don’t only get to show others what your project will look like but can also plan decades ahead and visualize the changing landscape around your infrastructures in the ultra-modern society. Drawing out 3D models of the whole environment around your project plan, you can market a number of possible projects in the future, holding the elusive element of time right in the palm of your hand.

Design Visualisation

Real-time 3D design visualization is our most selling service. It encompasses the imperative need of project planners to know as much about the project as they can before it is actually constructed on the site. With the many unique benefits 3D architectural models offer, the services are now highly sought by a number of business enterprises. Some of the kinds of businesses who consider services like our necessary for project success include:

  • Mega civil engineering project makers: Accuracy in architectural visualization is of utmost importance to huge engineering projects, such as railway tracks from one city to another. Using our services, such project makers prevent waste of huge amounts of funds in fixing problems, get a glorious access to details of their project maps, and plan decades ahead. In this regard, The Location Lab has had a long relationship with DB Systel GmbH, who is the official partner in German railway projects.
  • Real estate marketers: Having offices to book in business complexes or condos on a holiday beach project before they are built defines the difference between success and failure for real estate marketers. With real-time 3D visualization of their architectural plans, they get to market their projects successfully to clients, satisfying them with a vivid representation of minute details in the product they are interested in buying. A number of marketing professionals have acquired services from The Location Lab and left not just satisfied but delighted.
  • 3D game makers: 3D gaming comprises a huge share in the computer gaming industry for now and in the times to come. The use of 3D architectural visualization in such products allows the designers to leave nothing to the imagination and build a virtual world they want their gamers to experience. The Location Lab has helped a number of such clients, helping them reconstruct 3D landscape for their complex worlds.

If you are looking for help in a project related to any of these categories, contact us now for a brief.

Virtually Vertified Montages

A marvelous combination of real-life photography and CG imagery, virtually verified montages enable 3D models of infrastructures, especially of buildings and complexes, to look like the exact facades their original versions have. VVM allows us to photograph and use the images on the 3D models of your project expansion plans, giving them the authenticity of the original buildings they portray.

At The Location Lab, we utilize VVMs to improve quality of our models and animations, adding the element of reality and recognition, which can make the difference between a successful sale and a turned down proposal.

For further questions regarding the service, get in touch with us right now and let us help you understand all about it.